Dining In Burbs And Holidays Near Home: Food And Travel Trends 2021

28th October 2021


Dining In Burbs And Holidays Near Home: Food And Travel Trends 2021


Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has truly taken a toll on us all. Not only has the health sector been gravely affected, so too has the lifestyle of many been put into an uncertain spin.


One thing is for sure- there’s always a rainbow after the storm. Although so many things have changed since the early part of 2020, people have been nothing short of inspiring in keeping up with the times- and this includes the food industry too.


The food industry has shown strength in its mission to keep servicing the masses with delectable choices of food, innovative in their way that they do this and all while maintaining health standards as the number one priority. Today, we’re going to share with you the increasing trends for both food and travel you can expect for the months to come.


1.    Home Is Where The Heart Is


Border closures have become the norm.


With, more Australians expected to stay close to home this year, and although this seems like an uninspiring reality. There are positives to ponder if you look deep within!


By being close to home, more Australians will have the opportunity to explore the richness of our own ‘backyard’. From the humid tropics and picturesque countryside to the breathtaking beaches, there’s just so much to love and appreciate about being in your homeland!


Custodians of the local regions will relish at the thought of showing off their best kept secret:


The homegrown story telling will be more powerful than ever. Local producers and their communities will thrive on coming together to showcase and share the stories behind their creations.


Aussies will have a newfound passion for the hidden treasures that our great land has to offer.


Truly, Australia is a one-of-a-kind paradise!


2.    Fine As Wine


This year, expect to witness more wine producers explore the beauty of sustainable packaging. This involves decreasing the use of glass bottles and moving into the path of utilizing cartons instead.


One place to seek inspiration for this process is UK’s Frugalpac that uses recycled paperboard to produce its products. Other famous wine producers who have explored using sustainable packaging are:


  • Jilly Wines


  • Delinquente Wine Co

3.    Colorful Alfresco Dining & Outdoor Dining


The rise of COVID-19 has seen a preference for people to mingle in the open air. For that very reason we can look forward to experiencing an increase in outdoor dining space in many venues.


Melbourne is a standout in this area already, however we expect to be exposed to the vibrancy of alfresco dining inspired by the vivid colors of summer. That bold and bright tableware will truly provide a dining experience like no other.


Of course, outdoor dining comes with revamping restaurant exteriors such as more tables and bigger umbrellas!


4.    Pop Up Restaurants


The pandemic has pushed hundreds of restaurants to close. But, with every detour also comes opportunity!


For the next few months, we expect to learn about more chefs and culinary experts collaborating through pop-up restaurants.


Being a great time for any chef to flex their creative muscle, this collaboration also allows industry to support one another.


5.    Treasure In Smoke


A year ago, rampant bushfires caused grape growers to suffer from smoke-damaged crops. But guess what? This did not stop their creative juices from flowing!


Instead of being left to feel defeat, grape growers opted to creating wine-adjacent offerings such as co-fermenting grape-based spirit creations.


Some of the famous companies who found an opportunity in this business amidst suffering from smoke tainted crops are Archie Rose Distilling Co (to release Shiraz Brandy) and Spirit Lab (to release Mistelle 2020).


6.    Snack Attack


Here’s one word that can define food trends in 2021- snacks!


These one-bite wonders are indeed peeking through the world of fine dining (and possibly many menus available in Australia.


We mean like- who doesn’t like a snack before the main course right?


7.    Suburban Eateries


Recently, there has been a surge in demand for local eateries like cafes, bistros, and bars. The massive demand for these spaces has also been affected due to the increasing number of employees who are in a work from home situation.


Predictions are clear that this will only continue to rise into the foreseeable future.


8.    Evolving Diets


Last but not least, we have our evolving diets and food choices that are becoming a regular part of life in Australia.


First, we have plant-based diets famous for providing sustainable meat options. We also have other Australians who resort to kangaroo meat or even retire dairy cows to decrease the heavy eco-footprint of animals.


Regardless, both people and restaurants are starting to appreciate the tenderness and flavor of a meal when handled with care from the farm to plate.


The Bottom-line


No matter what the odds are, COVID-19 cannot stop the food and tourism industry from evolving (even if it has to happen in the confinement of this beautiful place we call home.)

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