Our Mission and Values

Trust. Communication. Collaboration. Community


Welcome to the Foodservice Suppliers Association Australia (FSAA) – Our mission and values are more than just words; they are the guiding principles that shape our identity and purpose.

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To enable foodservice industry professionals to connect, share knowledge, learn best practices and celebrate excellence. We are committed to the professional and personal betterment of all members and suppliers to the industry.


We strive to be the leading service organisation within the foodservice industry in Australia, enhancing and driving the industry forward. Through our development programs, vast connections and knowledge, we facilitate a culture of collaboration and sharing. We are future focused for tomorrow’s talent, ideas, and partnerships.


We seek to consistently build trust in every interaction by conducting ourselves in a professional and honest manner. We are dependable, credible and truthful in all our interactions with the best interests of our members and industry at heart.

Communication is a foundational value of the FSAA as we share what we do with our members, focusing on constant improvement as an organization and industry. We encourage and support Information shared and feedback given in a manner that is timely, accurate, complete and appropriate.

We believe in diversity, the power of teamwork and that by working as one we can deliver exceptional outcomes for our industry. We listen to feedback for constant improvement and involve members in all phases of projects.

Within the FSAA we connect people to the right opportunities and services at the right times. We nurture relationships among our members forging a sense of trust, belonging, safety and caring. We contribute to the communities in which we live and work, encourage responsible resource management and promote practices that sustain the industry we serve.

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Our Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday, December 7, in Sydney.
At this meeting, the Board of Directors were elected for 2024.


Anti-Discrimination Policy

Anti Discrimination Policy

Board Voting Policy

Board Voting Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Code of Conduct Policy

Sponsorship Policy

Sponsorship Policy

Travel Policy

Travel Policy

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Understanding Foodservice Training

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