Festive Season Planning

16th November 2020

According to industry experts, the key to a successful and safe festive season is flexibility and effective communication.

In a  webinar last week, hosted by Hotelier Magazine, an expert panel discussed key learnings from recent events bookings.  A common theme was clear:  A successful festive season is still possible, if you take a long term view, build flexibility into your packages, and communicate positively and clearly with your clients.

An option that may be considered is hybrid events – many smaller events happening at the same time, and linked together via zoom.  This allows for safe gatherings in smaller groups to meet government guidelines but allows the event to expand via zoom.

When considering the food and beverage packages, a plated, sit-down meal is preferable over a communal option.  This creates a safer environment where food hygiene and personal space is easier to adhere to. 

Importantly, communicate with your clients in a clear and positive manner which highlights what you are able to accommodate, as opposed to focusing on the negatives.  Consider more flexibility on your booking conditions to give clients peace of mind if the situation changes 

Although your ROI may be low this year,  look to build customer loyalty and long term relationships, so that next year when life, and having fun, is a little easier, your clients will remember your flexibility and customer service in these trying times.

To read more about the webinar’s summary, click here:



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