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Are you looking to connect with peers, gain fresh insights, and make pivotal connections in the foodservice industry? If so, an FSAA event should be on your radar. Our get-togethers aren’t just social events but crafted experiences designed to inspire and inform.

We’re immensely proud of the high-quality experiences we deliver. Every detail from the event format to the theme is tailored to touch on the most relevant and timely industry topics. It’s more than just a gathering—it’s a purposeful event to expand your knowledge and fortify your strategies.

Join us to strengthen your position in the foodservice sector. Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, or partner, our events offer something for everyone. Expect dynamic speakers tackling current industry issues and award ceremonies recognising true talent.

Our aim is simple: facilitating networking, fostering education, and encouraging meaningful connections. We’re confident you’ll find all these aspects well-represented at our upcoming events.

The Benefits of Networking with the FSAA

The FSAA isn’t just a platform for networking; it’s a springboard for growth in both your personal and professional life. Our community spans the breadth of Australia’s foodservice industry and beyond, offering more than just work contacts. Whether you’re seeking new partnerships or strategic alliances, the value of consistent networking through FSAA goes far beyond the immediate opportunities.’
— Minnie Constan, CEO, FSAA

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