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Strategic Planned Industry First Initiatives

Professional Development

 Development & Training Initiatives at FSAA

We recognise that the foodservice industry thrives on its dynamism, fast-paced nature, and at times, its demanding challenges. However, the deeply rewarding personal and professional fulfillment it offers is undeniable.

At FSAA, our dedication and commitment to our members is unwavering. We strive to empower industry businesses and professionals with initiatives that not only aid them in their day-to-day operations but also pave the way for future opportunities.

Our Tailored Programs and Industry-First Initiatives

Strategic Programs 
Every program we deliver is strategically planned specifically with foodservice professionals in mind. With a dedicated focus on best-practice programs and personalised management opportunities, including mentoring and upskilling. Our programs are aimed at all levels of the supply chain, from entry level through to the leadership team.

Management Scholarship 
Invest in your future with our annual business scholarship (valued at $20,000). Many of our programs are ‘industry firsts’ providing a competitive advantage for participants.

Beyond conventional face to face workshops, we offer online courses that are invaluable for all levels of the industry. 

Think Tank – Pail Program
If sustainability in foodservice matters to you and your business, our Pail Program is a must-follow. Guided by FSAA board member Eugene Visione and CEO Minnie Constan, we’re focusing on reducing plastics and promoting responsible recycling. After the Today & Tomorrow Conference, APCO was so taken with our Think Tank’s initiatives that they’ve pledged their support. It’s a thrilling endorsement that adds even more weight to our work.

Think Tank
2023 FSAA Scholarship Finalists

Mentoring program

The FSAA Mentoring Program is a members-only service designed to give you that extra edge. When you join, you’ll be paired with industry professionals offering professional guidance on on your chosen area of career growth.

Open to All Levels
Whether you’re just starting out or already leading a team, this program is for all employees within a member company. It’s a chance to learn from those who you respect and admire.

Why You Should Get Involved
It’s not just about guidance; it’s about transformation. From gaining fresh insights to developing new skills, you’ll broaden your professional outlook. Plus, you’ll make valuable contacts within the industry.

Your Path to Progress
The FSAA Mentoring Program is more than just a learning experience; it’s your launchpad for personal and professional growth. Take the next step in your career journey. Sign up today to uncover what you’re truly capable of.

FSAA Members smiling and networking at an FSAA event
A image of award winners who signify the purpose of the Foodservice Suppliers Association

Objectives and Outcome Desired

2023 FSAA Scholarship Finalists
Silvia Smarrelli winner of the 2023 FSAA Business Scholarship accepting her award.

Business Management Scholarship

A ‘once in a lifetime’ Career Opportunity
The Foodservice Suppliers Association Australia (FSAA) proudly offers an exclusive scholarship that has the potential to redefine your career trajectory in the foodservice industry.

Unique Opportunity for Members
Available solely to employees of FSAA member companies, this scholarship provides the recipient entry into a six-day residential management course at Melbourne Business School—one of Australia’s premier institutions.

Career Massaging
Awarded annually, our scholarship builds on your skills to develop and prepare you for future opportunities.

Transparent Selection Process
The integrity of our selection process is paramount. The scholarship is awarded based on merit, providing each candidate with an equitable opportunity to succeed.

Next Step
Apply today to take a positive and career altering step toward your professional growth.


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