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Your Future, Our Focus: Guided by Seasoned Leaders in Foodservice

Ken Hartley

Ken Hartley - Chairperson

Ken Hartley is the Chief Executive Officer of Priestley's Gourmet Holdings, a leading and multi-award-winning dessert company. Operating in Australia and New Zealand, the company covers Priestley's Gourmet Delights, Melba Foods, and the Elite Food Group. With 27 years under his belt in the food industry, Ken brings a well-rounded, cross-functional expertise to the table. He’s held senior roles in Sales, Operations, Commercial Management, Product Development, and Quality Assurance at big-name food organisations like JBS Swift, Frito-Lay, Vesco Foods, and Woolworths. This broad experience is backed by a strong international business record that spans the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Academically, Ken has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Food Technology with honours from the University of Queensland, as well as an MBA from Queensland University of Technology. Interests include rugby, athletics, and anything that the whole family can enjoy together.

Andrew Low

Andrew Low - Vice Chairperson

Andrew is the co-founder and co-CEO of Ordermentum, a specialised ordering, payment, and insights software tailored for the foodservice industry. With five years in operation, Ordermentum currently aids more than 400 food and beverage suppliers in collecting orders and payments from over 23,000 bars, cafes, and restaurants across Australia. Before co-founding Ordermentum, Andrew amassed a diverse set of skills in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector. A qualified accountant and CPA, he began his career with a 10-year stint in finance at Unilever, covering various roles in both Australia and the UK. His enthusiasm for general management then led him to a sales role at a Suntory food business. By 2010, Andrew was the Managing Director of Toby’s Estate Coffee, an industry leader in specialty coffee. Andrew's commitment to the foodservice industry is profound; he's passionate about fostering innovation, financial success, and valuable insights. Away from the boardroom, Andrew cherishes time with his three children, enjoys the beach, and sneaks in the occasional round of golf.

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Lindsay Yeomans - Treasurer

Lindsay entered the professional world after completing his formal qualifications in 1973. After several roles in different vocations, he found his true calling and established The Armory in 1980, focusing solely on the foodservice industry as a communications agency. For over three decades, The Armory has been growing right alongside the industry it’s so passionate about. Along with his partner, Lorraine Lovelock, Lindsay has positioned the company as a leader in foodservice communications. Their integrated marketing approach has not only assisted in launching new foodservice companies but also been instrumental in unveiling fresh brands and products. Lindsay's expertise and influence extend beyond business operations. His agency is recognised as an industry leader, setting the pace for modern foodservice communications. They have helped in launching and scaling companies, proving the impact effective communication can have in this vibrant industry. In Lindsay’s own words, "Foodservice is an exciting business to be in - if you're not, you don't know what you are missing!" Lindsay enjoys keeping up with food trends and exploring the evolving foodservice landscape when not immersed in his work.


Eugene Visione - Director

Eugene serves as the Head of Sales, Marketing, and New Product Development at Birch & Waite. The company is known for its award-winning fresh chilled mayonnaise, dressings, and sauces. Recognised as one of Australia's leading food companies, Birch & Waite excels in quick-to-market new product development and is committed to investment in top-tier technology. Before his time at Birch & Waite, Eugene amassed significant senior-level experience in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector. He honed his passion for the foodservice industry while leading the Coffee and Foodservice divisions at Cerebos Australia for six years. Additionally, Eugene has experience in procurement, having led purchasing functions at both Steggles and Cerebos. Eugene holds an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM). Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his young family and stays active with golf and regular exercise routines.


Yezdi Daruwalla - Director

Yezdi is the Managing Director of Unilever Food Solutions for Australia and New Zealand, a role he's held since 2004. With a decade of experience as a chef in India, Switzerland, and Australia, Yezdi transitioned into the business side of foodservice, joining Unilever Food Solutions in 1992. Over the years, he's worn many hats within the company, ranging from Sales to Chef and Marketing roles. His leadership has significantly shaped the company's direction. Under his watch, the company moved away from a commodity-driven model to focus on sustainable turnover and profitability. These efforts didn't go unnoticed, earning the company accolades such as the Global UFS Best Business Results Award in 2012, and the Global UFS Compass Award in 2013 and 2014. In addition to his extensive industry experience, Yezdi has academic credentials to match. He completed his Graduate Management Qualification from the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) in 1996. Yezdi is known for his effective communication and has a keen interest in nurturing talent and fostering long-term business growth.


Wayne Viles - Director

Wayne is the Managing Director of Unox Australia, a leader in the field of commercial ovens and recognised globally as the fastest-growing oven manufacturer. His career path has been as varied as it's been fulfilling. Starting out as a trained Pâtissier, Wayne owned and operated a pizza business for 10 years. An opportunity at Robot Coupe as Sales Manager for Victoria and Tasmania led him to discover Unox, and the rest is history. In his role at Unox Australia, Wayne is the driving force behind a company that prides itself on innovation and forward-thinking. While the business has its footprint in markets across the globe, Unox has held onto its family-operated roots, something that resonates deeply with Wayne's leadership style. Wayne's diverse experience, combining culinary craft with sales and management, equips him with a well-rounded perspective. This allows him to lead in a way that respects both the technical and human elements of the business. His approach to leadership balances the need for growth with the importance of preserving the company's core values, creating an authentic and sustainable path forward for Unox.


Barton Beverley-Smith - Director

Barton serves as the Customer Director at Primo Foods, where he oversees both the Foodservice and Independent Retail divisions. Primo Foods is a standout in the food industry, snagging multiple awards while operating in Australia and across the Pacific. Boasting over 30 years of experience in the Asia Pacific food sector, Barton offers invaluable insights. His career has seen him in various high-ranking positions in Foodservice and Retail. He's tackled roles in Sales, Marketing, Product Development, and Commercial Management, working with companies like Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts, IRI, Birch & Waite, and Asian Pulp and Paper. Deeply passionate about Foodservice, Barton is keen to collaborate with the Foodservice Suppliers Association of Australia (FSAA) and its members to enact meaningful change that stands the test of time. When he's not immersed in work, Barton has a keen interest in sports. He enjoys cycling, golf, tennis, and surfing, which not only keep him physically active but also mentally sharp for the challenges his professional life throws his way.


Donna Cox - Director

Donna holds the position of National Business Manager – Foodservice at noumi Limited and has a deep-rooted passion for the foodservice industry. With a career spanning over three decades, Donna's journey began in the hospitality sector. She started as a part-time telemarketer at Goodman Fielder in Perth and quickly climbed the ranks. Career growth led her to Sydney, where she tackled a range of state and national roles. Her rich professional journey includes notable stints as National Business Manager at both CCA/SPC and, most recently, noumi Limited. Committed to a balanced life, Donna is just as fervent about staying fit and healthy outside the office. An enthusiastic sportsperson, she engages in a variety of fitness activities like gym workouts, HIIT training, and soft sand/sandhill running. She also competes in Surf Lifesaving. Passionate about the foodservice sector, Donna thrives on customer interaction and industry networking. She's keen to inspire more women to enter the field and to energise the next generation about the exhilarating opportunities in the foodservice industry.


David White - Director

David White serves as the General Manager at DKSH Australia, a globally recognised company focusing on market expansion services. DKSH Australia proudly represents a diverse range of market-leading brands such as Little Bellies, Oatly, Nandos, Fever Tree, Perrier, and La Zuppa, to name just a few. Initiating his professional journey in the hospitality industry, David was a part of the first-ever cohort of the Intercontinental Sydney Hotel School. This experience provided him with a robust foundation, upon which he built a diverse career. He made a significant shift into the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector where he held senior sales roles at renowned companies including Mars, Arnott’s, and Diageo. His most recent engagement was with Lactalis, previously known as Parmalat, in the dairy industry. David's expansive experience across sales and marketing equips him with an acute understanding of market dynamics and consumer behaviour. This expertise is invaluable to his current role, where he leverages his skills to contribute to DKSH Australia's ongoing success. Passionate about the foodservice industry, David brings to the FSAA team not just experience but a network of meaningful relationships and a leadership style marked by innovation and strategic thinking.


Jeff Dhu - Director

Jeff Dhu, the current CEO of Countrywide Foodservice, has a distinguished history in the food industry, having worked with blue-chip organisations both in Australia and internationally. Jeff joined Fonterra in 2009 and led their Foodservice division for nearly a decade. During his time there, he drove growth and made a notable impact, especially with his transformative work on the 'Proud to be a Chef' program, elevating it into a national apprenticeship and mentoring initiative. While his experience at Fonterra was valuable, Jeff's commitment to the Foodservice industry is broad and deep-rooted. He sees this sector as ripe for meaningful change and is keen to make a lasting impact. He actively collaborates with the FSAA and has a keen interest in mentoring the next generation of industry leaders. Now at Countrywide, Jeff brings his strong leadership skills, his knack for innovation, and his unwavering commitment to making a difference in the Foodservice industry. His focus remains on people development and industry growth, assuring that the sector's future is in capable hands.

Photo of FSAA Director Kristina Czepl. Nestle General Manager Oceania

Kristina Czepl - Director

Kristina Czepl serves as the General Manager of Nestlé Professional Oceania, where she manages an impressive portfolio of household names like Nescafé, Kitkat, Maggi, and Harvest Gourmet in the Foodservice sector. With a background in Marketing, Sales, and Innovation in the FMCG sector, she's a recent but enthusiastic convert to Foodservice. Kristina is particularly invigorated by the industry's entrepreneurial energy and the real impact that can be made. A natural leader with a focus on people, Kristina is also committed to sustainability, aiming to make meaningful changes across her brand portfolio. She's got a special interest in plant-based foods, and firmly believes that small steps can lead to big changes. Outside the office, Kristina's interests are as diverse as they are enriching. She loves travelling and dining out, a passion balanced by her fitness regime and the joy she finds in caring for her horses. For her, life is all about finding adventure, both professionally and personally.


Tony Nay- Director

Tony Nay, founder and managing director of Incremental Marketing Group, has consistently delivered results that speak for themselves. Originating from a humble beginning in his Blue Mountains home back in 1996, he has grown the company to include a full-time staff of 35 and a global footprint extending to Auckland and Houston. With a background that includes serving as General Manager of Sales for the National Foods Group, Tony has a wealth of experience across various sales channels, from retail and hospitality to industrial and export sectors. It’s this well-rounded expertise that has propelled Incremental to develop sales and marketing programs across 17 countries, always focused on sustainable and profitable outcomes for clients. As the digital landscape within the Foodservice industry continues to evolve, Tony's adaptive approach and leadership skills offer fresh perspectives to the FSAA and its members..


Leading with Experience and Insight: CEO Minnie Constan Sets the Standard for Excellence in Foodservice


Minnie Constan

Minnie Constan brings over 20 years of industry experience to her current role as CEO of the Foodservice Suppliers Association of Australia (FSAA). Known for her exemplary leadership and in-depth understanding of project management, she has amassed a wealth of knowledge and expertise that elevates the association's offerings. Before her tenure at FSAA, Minnie was the Event Director for Fine Food Australia and played a pivotal role in introducing ZD Net to the Australian market. Minnie’s strengths lie in building and nurturing industry relationships. This capability enhances her primary focus at FSAA: the provision of specialised services to association members, including but not limited to, sales training, recruitment, mentoring, data provision, consulting, and legislative advice. Committed to professional development and industry growth, Minnie is a respected leader whose dedication has cemented her reputation as a significant asset both to the FSAA and the broader foodservice community. Her vision is geared toward the development of emerging leaders in the foodservice supply chain, aiming to leave a lasting, positive impact on the industry.

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