2024 FSAA Board of Directors


The FSAA 2024 Board of Directors consists of respected and knowledgeable professional representatives of the foodservice industry. Embodying trust, communication, collaboration, and community—our association’s core values.
Committed to our members, they strategically lead the way, promoting excellence and innovation in an industry that they are passionate and committed to.


Ken Hartley - FSAA Chairperson

Ken Hartley


Ken Hartley, CEO of Priestley’s Gourmet Holdings, leads an acclaimed dessert company in Australia and New Zealand. With 27 years in the food industry, Ken’s expertise spans Sales, Operations, Product Development, and Quality Assurance at top firms. He holds a Bachelor’s in Food Technology (with honors) from the University of Queensland and an MBA from Queensland University of Technology.

Andrew Low - Order mentum and FSAA Vice President

Andrew Low

Vice Chairperson

Andrew Low, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Ordermentum, leads specialised foodservice software aiding 400+ suppliers and 23,000+ venues across Australia. His diverse FMCG background includes finance at Unilever, Suntory sales, and Managing Director at Toby’s Estate Coffee. He’s dedicated to innovation and financial success in the foodservice industry while enjoying family time and outdoor activities.

Lindsay began his career in 1973, and in 1980, he founded The Armory, a communications agency focused solely on the foodservice industry. With partner Lorraine Lovelock, he’s positioned the company as a leader in foodservice communications, launching new companies and brands. Lindsay enjoys staying current with food trends when not working.

Minnie Constan

CEO & Secretary

Minnie Constan, CEO of FSAA, brings over two decades of industry leadership and project management expertise. Her commitment to building industry relationships and enhancing specialised member services has cemented her reputation as a vital asset. With a vision to develop emerging foodservice supply chain leaders, Minnie aims to leave a lasting, positive impact on the industry.


Eugene Visione, Head of Sales, Marketing, and New Product Development at Birch & Waite, excels in the food industry. Birch & Waite, renowned for fresh chilled mayonnaise, dressings, and sauces, is a leader in quick-to-market new product development. Eugene’s FMCG senior-level experience, including leadership in Coffee and Foodservice at Cerebos Australia, enriches his role. His procurement expertise, acquired at Steggles and Cerebos, complements his MBA from AGSM. Beyond work, he enjoys family time, golf, and fitness routines.

Donna Cox FSAA Director and National Business Manager Foodservice at Noumi

Donna Cox


Donna Cox, National Business Manager – Foodservice at noumi Limited, has a deep-rooted passion for the industry. With a 30+ year career, Donna began in hospitality, rising from a telemarketer at Goodman Fielder in Perth to national roles in Sydney. Noteworthy roles include National Business Manager at CCA/SPC and noumi Limited. Outside work, Donna stays fit with gym workouts, HIIT training, and Surf Lifesaving, fueling her passion for the foodservice sector. She’s committed to inspiring women and the next generation in the industry.

Barton Beverley-Smith is the Customer Director at Primo Foods and manages the Foodservice and Independent Retail divisions. Primo Foods, celebrated in the industry, operates in Australia and the Pacific. With 30+ years of Asia Pacific food sector expertise, Barton’s career spans Sales, Marketing, Product Development, and Commercial Management with leading firms. He’s dedicated to collaborating with FSAA for meaningful change. In his leisure, Barton enjoys cycling, golf, tennis, and surfing, also sharpening his acumen for professional challenges.

Jeff Dhu CEO Countrywide. FSAA Director

Jeff Dhu


Jeff Dhu, CEO of Countrywide Foodservice, boasts a distinguished career in the food industry, spanning blue-chip organisations in Australia and abroad. He led Fonterra’s Foodservice division for nearly a decade, driving growth and transforming the ‘Proud to be a Chef’ program into a national apprenticeship initiative. Jeff actively collaborates with FSAA and mentors future leaders. At Countrywide, he brings strong leadership, innovation, and a commitment to industry advancement, ensuring a capable future for the Foodservice sector.

Kristina Czepl, General Manager of Nestlé Professional Oceania, oversees a portfolio including Nescafé, Kitkat, Maggi, and Harvest Gourmet in the Foodservice sector. With a background in FMCG Marketing, Sales, and Innovation, she’s a passionate convert to Foodservice, drawn to its entrepreneurial spirit and impact potential. As a people-focused leader, Kristina is dedicated to sustainability and driving change within her brand portfolio, particularly in plant-based foods. Beyond work, she enjoys travel, dining, fitness, and caring for her horses, embracing adventure both professionally and personally.

Wayne Viles Director UNOX

Wayne Viles


Wayne Viles, Managing Director of Unox Australia, leads a globally recognised commercial oven leader. From trained Pâtissier to a decade-long pizza business owner, his journey evolved through a role as Sales Manager at Robot Coupe, leading him to Unox. Wayne drives innovation at Unox Australia, emphasising family-operated values while expanding globally. His diverse background, blending expertise with sales and management, empowers him to lead with authenticity and sustainability, preserving core values for Unox’s future.

Jacob Robinson, a respected executive, excels in FMCG and Foodservice sectors. As Head of Unilever Food Solutions Australia & New Zealand – CD, his multifaceted expertise drives growth and profitability. Jacob’s leadership blends inspiration and mentorship, nurturing high-performing teams and client relationships. His financial acumen, fiscal responsibility, and strategic resource allocation foster innovation. Jacob’s deep industry knowledge, strategic acumen, and unwavering commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset to our board and association.

Victoria Landells, Director Foodservice and Ingredients at Anchor Foods, is a visionary leader known for innovative thinking. She balances risk and reward, consistently delivering outstanding results. Victoria champions resilience, diversity, and creativity, fostering innovation and progress. 

Her leadership prowess extends to geographically dispersed, high-performing teams, guiding them towards excellence.
Victoria has a specialised set of skillswhich will be a wonderful extension to the FSAA board.

David White General Manager DKSH Australia and Director FSAA

David White


David White, General Manager at DKSH Australia, specialises in market expansion services. DKSH Australia represents leading brands such as Little Bellies, Oatly, Nandos, Fever Tree, Perrier, and La Zuppa. David’s journey began in hospitality at the Intercontinental Sydney Hotel School, forming the foundation for a diverse career in the FMCG sector with senior roles at Mars, Arnott’s, Diageo, and Lactalis (Parmalat). His sales and marketing expertise benefits DKSH Australia’s success, while his passion for the foodservice industry enriches FSAA’s team.

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