Food Distribution gathers might

Food distribution gathers might

7th October 2020

A new peak body has been formed to put upward pressure on the government to protect small businesses. The IFDA, Independent Food Distribution Australia, combines three of the country’s largest independent Food Distribution organisations.

The move to form a representative body was deemed necessary to safeguard the jobs of tens of thousands of people. Newly elected chairman, Mr. Richard Hinson says, in light of the Woolworths acquisition of PFD  Foods, they had “no choice” but to come together.

“The large supermarkets have been the biggest beneficiaries from the pandemic with Woolworths and Coles posting $1 billion net profits. Now, while small business continues to suffer, Woolworths has announced it plans to expand into the B2B space with a planned acquisition of PFD Foods. This will have a profound impact on independent food distributors. We will continue to lobby the ACCC and Governments to stop this opportunistic and aggressive move by Woolworths”.

The supermarket giants’ muscle is not the only item on the agenda for this newly formed group.  Jobkeeper has been a lifeline to their members during COVID and now in recovery mode the group are planning to lobby for modifications to better support the industry.

Together, the group will aim to educate politicians, industry and the wider community on the importance of the smaller independent food distribution players, and the critical role they play in the everyday lives of all Australians.

To read the press release, click here.  

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