How To Do Your Branding Right With Food Photography

16th November 2021

We are all familiar with the saying that we ‘eat with our eyes’ – its kind of true don’t you think?


It’s safe to say that humans enjoy seeing things the way they are. It somehow entices us to connect well with something, especially if we can see it. The same goes for food. People want to eat what they see.


For a restaurant owner planning their menu or marketing, this reality is something they must take advantage of. With great pictures, they can not only seduce people to eat their food, they can also tempt them to visit your restaurant.


So, it makes sense that having excellent food photos for a restaurant is key to impressing their audiences. The same goes with food and produce for a supplier or manufacturer.  The customer needs to be inspired and have vision for what they will do with your product when designing their menu.


With that being considered, we created this quick guide to help you work on your food photography and boost your connection with your customer and your brand.

Mobile Phone Vs Professional Photography

Mobile cameras allow you to take neat photos to present to your customers through your digital channels. It does have to be said that having a professional camera can still change the game of your food and lifestyle photography.


Professional food photography entails a good strategy. You should make sure that you make your ingredients pop and find a way to draw your viewer’s attention towards the key feature of your food. Say for instance if you were offering tacos, you want your viewers to see that oozing cheese at the top. Having these strategies in place will help you create a photo that would entice your customers better.


Always remember that having impressive photos online and in your catalogues of your food can significantly help encourage action to purchase and even build your social media impressions. Aside from that, it also builds engagement between and your customer and your brand.


The Magic Of Food Styling

Indeed, food styling is an integral part of creating mouthwatering images for your food. Thus, it’s safe to say that it is an important part of your strategy.


Food styling is an art form of enhancing and designing a certain food or dish, to make it look more alluring and delicious on camera. The trick is always to deliver a food’s “taste” element visually. Today, even in restaurants, it is more popular to focus on the lifestyle image vs the text on the image itself.


Food styling can also help deliver a certain “mood” to your food which will tie up to your branding. Say for example if you were serving French food, you might want to create an environment image that depicts the feeling of being in France. Or, if you were serving some Shawarma then you might want your set to be a little more Mediterranean.


With the perfect mix of art and your props, you can without a doubt shoot an exquisite photo!

The Power Of Contrast

Using contrasting colors in your food photography is key to creating a dramatic feel for your photo. By using contrast in your photos, you can invite your audience to a certain element or ingredient you would like them to focus on.


Always think about where this image is going to be used for. The angle, whether it needs to be flexible to use in portrait or landscape.  A great tip here is to take a full shot in the widest possible frame, then test it as you zoom.  Make sure that if when you zoom that you still have the key elements in shot.


Light. While natural light may seem unpredictable at times, it can contribute to contrasts in your images especially when done by a professional photographer.


Increase Your Brand Profitability With Food Photography

It’s quite a simple concept- when you build your brand through food photography, you get to entice more customers. When you entice more customers to try out your products and visit your website or request to sample your product, the result is almost always, an increase in sales.


And isn’t that what every business owner dreams of? A strong set of loyal customers and growth in sales?


As a foodservice supplier or manufacturer, it’s time to take your branding through food photography. Capture powerful visuals to grab your customer’s attention starting today.

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