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The FSAA has a commitment to providing industry participants with training programs that will enhance their knowledge and skills. These programs have been developed specifically around the Australian foodservice market. Our very popular Understanding Foodservice program has been in place now for a number of years and we also have programs for joint business planning, commercial presentations, effective foodservice negotiation and selling value to your customers. We also have the ability to specifically design courses for your company on a range of relevant subjects. These can be the face-to-face training scenarios or in an E learning format. Contact us if you want to know more.

Understanding Foodservice

A "must" for any new sales or marketing person to the Foodservice industry, or a refresher for your current employees!

Whether you are a new entrant to the Foodservice market or a seasoned participant, this unique program offers an overview of our exciting industry.
We cover trends, dynamics, size, structure and other relevant information pertaining to the market as well as having representatives from industry come along and share their experiences.

For more information contact Minne at for more information.

Best Practice - 4 stage training

Introduced in 2018 these training modules cover joint business planning with customers, commercial presentation skills, selling value and negotiation techniques. Developed in conjunction with a leading service provider specialising in such disciplines, each module focuses on content relevant to the Australian foodservice industry. We now offer these as an on-line program and can tailor them to suit your company. For more information contact Minnie Constan at
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Understanding Foodservice Training

Welcome to the Understanding Foodservice Training.  We are currently trialing this course with a number of limited users.
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