Managing stress over Christmas

17th December 2020

With the festive season comes a myriad of expectations and responsibilities.  At this time of heightened stress, it is important to look after your mental and physical health.  The Government’s Health Direct website has some straightforward guidance on removing stress at this time of year.  Some of the areas you may want to consider are:

  • Taking care of money worries – tips to reduce the stress on your wallet including ‘Secret Santa’ and low-cost ways to celebrate without breaking the bank.
  • Dealing with family tension – sometimes easier said than done, however the advice suggests setting expectations upfront, moderating alcohol to reduce stress and anxiety and avoiding well-known triggers
  • Managing loneliness – the key message here is to make plans to connect.  Whether it be with loved ones, community events or volunteering 
  • Stay healthy to avoid Christmas anxiety – sleep, eat and exercise to stave off the Christmas blues

For more detailed information and helpful links, head the Government’s Health Direct website to find information on how to manage your health over the silly season

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