Nestlé delves into the plant based sector

The candy brand Nestlé is exploring new avenues, diving into the plant-based sector. Launching under their Garden Gourment brand in Switzerland, they are bringing out an alternative tuna product, which is presented in a glass jar and will be available in tuna sandwiches.

This product is made from six plant-based ingredients and is high in pea protein, which is eco-friendly. Likewise, it has amino acids and no artificial colourings or preservatives. What’s unique about this product is that it has a flaky texture just like tuna! Not to mention its rich flavour and is mercury-free.

Sustainable plant-based alternatives like this product can decrease overfishing in the oceans, protecting biodiversity.


The date of release is yet to be announced. Nestlé also plans to develop other seafood plant-based alternatives such as shellfish and fish.

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