Rise of the Ready Meals in Australia

Many Australians made banana bread, delicious bread and other fantastic bakery items during the first COVID lockdown.

However, this time, cooking fatigue has set in, causing a huge increase in delivery orders.

One of Australia’s first ready-made meals company, Workout Meals thinks people are tired of preparing food properly and deciding what to cook. Co-founder Tomi Jurlina noted how online orders doubled in March and then in the past week; they’ve tripled due to the demand of locals in Victoria.

“We started the business nearly a decade ago when there was little to no competition and niche demand, but it seems COVID has led to pre-prepared meals becoming part of the norm at the dinner table”, said Mr Jurlina.

Adding to customer favourites their other co-founder Dean Deakin added, “We’ve sold 100,000 meals since March, with the most popular dish being chicken parmigiana and any meal with cauliflower rice, as some trying to shift weight are mindful of carb intake.

The average cost of a pre-made meal is between $8 and $13, which is often more affordable than eating out costing upwards of $20 for a nutritious meal.”

Gemma Daley, their nutritionist, noted there had been a shift from frozen ready-made meals to fresh ones, as more people are conscious about their health. “People also realise fad diets that don’t allow carbs, dairy or are mostly protein only result in short term weight loss, hence are opting to eat everything in moderation for long term results.”

“Meal preparation is key to staying on track with healthy eating, but not everyone has the time which is where ready-made fresh, nutritious meals come in handy.”

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