The benefits of investing in your foodservice team

29th February 2021


In times of financial pressure and unpredictability in the hospitality industry, it might be difficult to consider the expense of developing and training a team.  As well as the initial cost outlay, the lost time in the field or on the job would also be a weighty consideration.

However, this mindset may be a false economy in the long term.  As technologies and workplace strategy methods improve, training and development provide a prime opportunity to align a team with the skills, knowledge, values, and abilities that will push your business to meet ambitious goals.  Rewarded with an employee who is more efficient, loyal, and innovative, a business that invests in its team has a great deal to gain.

Improved Performance and Confidence

Employees who undertake more training will find a deeper understanding of their role and the tasks expected of them.  Building skill in an employee will in turn increase their confidence.  A symbiotic relationship that continues to build and grow together.  Increased skills building confidence, promoting ever more skill.

Improved Moral

Investing in training shows that a business cares about the wellbeing and advancement of its employees.  It creates a supportive, caring environment.  An employee who feels valued and excited by future challenges will have a positive attitude towards its employer and the position they hold in the business.

Higher Retention

An employee who feels valued and invested in is more likely to stick around.  A trained, motivated employee will feel more loyal, reducing the cost of recruitment.

Strategic succession planning

With a trained, highly motivated employee, a business has the opportunity to challenge team members with more responsibility and bigger roles.  

The short-term investment cost of developing a team member has the long-term ripple effect of arming a business with a robust worker, ready for change, inspired to work innovatively and efficiently, and happy to support and promote their employer.

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