The State of the Foodservice Market in the US

Larry Oberkfell’s Insights FSAA Webinar

6th October 2020

Quotes from Larry Oberkfell during FSAA Webinar

  • Innovation is how Foodservice manufacturers will win. We must invest, this is an expense that should not be
  • Predictions that there will be 30% less people in Foodservice in the next few years, some areas 50% less with the rise of technology and automation
  • Supply Chain Industry Dynamics
  • Consider your Demand
  • Increased reliance on digital sales calls (ensure there is a human element)
  • E-commerce will accelerate
  • Insights are critical
  • Learn how to be effective with a smaller team
  • Prepare to restructure
  • Care with the Customer Journey
    • You must consider your sales platforms. Become experienced in using digital sales and marketing
    • Make the process to suit your end user and operator
    • Technology is potentially the only way
  • Information will become democratised. We will no longer hide data, although access to it will come at a price.
  • You must be ahead of the game with technology and
  • There will be the introduction of an “air bnb” version of delivery such as “Codify”
  • Connections with end user is critical
  • We will bounce back – around 2025. Things will never go back to how they
  • Embrace the change, the new normal. Suppliers must be innovative, place high importance on hygiene and care, technology & automation in their processes
  • You will not win by accident
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