The Top Restaurant Trends we will see in 2022 Series: #1 Predictions for New Product Trends

21st April 2022

Predictions for New Product Trends

What products will restaurant owners be looking to carry in 2022? Check out our predictions for new product trends.

Hospitality has been reasonably conventional with little or slow to change historically. This is until the pandemic caused the industry to land sideways.  This called for transformation in a new era for the foodservice and  hospitality industry. The horizon for restaurants in 2022 indicates operators embracing change and adapting to unprecedented challenges such as the well known supply chain issues and the unforgiving issue of skills shortage.

The current climate and hangover that we are experiencing will undoubtedly force a monumental shift in the way we operate beginning to take hold. The idea that the changes which have been forced upon us are temporary is now accepted as a myth and the vision for future must be adjusted accordingly. This is the first in a series of 4 articles that we have to help you understand what is expected when it comes to foodservice trends of 2022.

Sustainable Disposable Items

With the future looking at how we can reduce our carbon footprint, topics such as the deletion of single use plastics is without doubt back on the agenda, which was the plan until the pandemic hit and it did actually look like we were on track. Lockdowns, the delivery and takeaway boom single handedly derailed the movement towards achieving anything close to success. Next year we will see the pendulum swinging back the other way as a wide variety of eco-friendly disposable products become available. This will, and should by rights, include the focus on reducing waste, saving water and using efficient equipment too.

PFAS-FREE Products

There is more and more awareness about the harmful effects of  Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances – PFAS chemicals. It is expected that we will see more paper food packaging that features the PFAS-free label. Also called forever chemicals, PFAS are used in paper products that repel grease and water. There is a crazy amount of innovation with products being developed with plant based ingredients and this will be no doubt popular in 2022. Operators will be  on the look out for PFAS items whenever they can. Takeout containers, and non-stick cookware just as an example.

Outdoor Dining Equipment

With consumers showing their preference by often choosing venues with outdoor seating, venues will be looking to improve and increase the outdoor and ventilated seating options. In many geographical areas this has been a thing, however necessity demanded that any space the offered the opportunity for a chair and table was transformed in a hurry. What we will see in the future is purposeful outdoor dining furniture, outdoor cooking equipment, even smash resistant crockery and utensils that are all going to be essential for the huge trend in al fresco dining that is here to stay.

Advanced Cleaning Products

Our definition and the demand for “clean” has certainly advanced over the last few years. Options for cleaning and hygiene products that we expect to see in a foodservice environment are growing to include some exceptional innovation. We can expect to start seeing cleaning devices such as disinfectant foggers and electrostatic sprayers appear next to the typical dusting and window cleaning supplies.

Stay tuned for our next article in the series: Top Restaurant Trends we will see in 2022

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