We’re here for the foodservice community

The FSAA was formed to support and assist businesses in foodservice, and we know that at this time many operators need us more than ever.

Many of our members will be re-opening their businesses once certain States relax their Pandemic restrictions.

Victoria in particular is being hardest hit at the moment with at least six weeks until the Premier considers where to for the industry.

It is expected that strict social distancing guidelines will remain in place, including mandatory spacing, rigorous cleaning and a screening of staff to prevent symptomatic workers infecting customers.

During this time, being able to adapt to the Government rules and regulations, whilst adapting to potential changes in consumer habits and preferences will be critical for foodservice operators.

To assist with this transition, and to support our members, the FSAA will be releasing information to keep you up to date with the changes but also, prepare you for re-opening at a time that can be stressful and venturing now unchartered territory.

The FSAA will also be sharing new industry practices, useful tips and advice, and everything you need to know to thrive in business during these times.

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Understanding Foodservice Training

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