7 Eleven to #TheCupRescue

6th July 2021

7 Eleven to #TheCupRescue

Since 7 Eleven launched its Cup Recycling program back in 2020, several schools have partnered with the chain since then.

Presently, 7 Eleven is looking to expand their #CupRescue Schools Program initiative which thrives toward saving the use of million single-use cups from ending up in landfills and contributing to more trash.

Apart from that, the program seeks to achieve a lot more.

Through the #CupRescue Schools Program initiative, 7-Eleven also gives free cup collection units to help both students and staff from every school collect their cups within their institution. These cups are then transported to their partner 7-Eleven store.

Angus McKay, CEO and managing director of 7-Eleven expressed how much they have been challenged on the amount of waste found in landfill bins mostly by the young people, who are indeed becoming the voice of generations within households and communities.

With this, Angus McKay, along with his team from 7-Eleven has decided to become the spark that ignites their communities towards doing the environment a favour and develop a program that minimizes waste.

The program mainly seeks to engage young Australian children to become leaders and empower them to make a difference within their community through becoming more environmentally conscious.

Aside from that, Angus McKay also expressed that extending the #TheCupRescue program intends to increase recycling efforts within their hometown.

Back in 2018, 7-Eleven partnered with Simply Cups where they were able to successfully save about 16 million cups from ending in landfill. This achievement has inspired the team from 7-Eleven to carry on their recycling efforts.

7-Eleven has installed an impressive total of 660 cup recycling units around Australia at present.

Indeed, the efforts of 7-Eleven partnering with schools and communities is a huge leap when it comes to changing the habits within individuals living in a community, which will hopefully create a ripple effect on the environment.

With every customer using reusable cups that have been recycled, that’s one less cup in landfill!



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