Media Release: FSAA Announces Latest Preferred Supplier Agreement with Clover Marketing

5th October 2022

For Immediate Release


Foodservice Suppliers Association have today announced their latest Associate Member, Clover Marketing. This means that as our industry continues to grow and evolve with the changing needs of consumers all over Australia, so too must foodservice suppliers keep up with the changing landscape of the demand using digital channels or risk being left behind! With this in mind FSAA is excited for what’s next for our foodservice suppliers who will soon become even more competitive due to access to a dedicated foodservice marketing partner like Clover Marketing.


Clover Marketing is a digital marketing agency founded by Mia Sisko, who has extensive experience in the foodservice industry and kitchen equipment suppliers. She saw how difficult it can be for businesses when they are not properly marketed through digital channels due to lack of specialised knowledge in online marketing strategies – that’s why Clover made its way into existence!


“We saw a major shift for many, in particular with the emergence of the pandemic, where a lack of presence in the digital space meant you were no longer in competition. The pandemic has created an environment where one can’t afford to be offline” said Minnie Constan, CEO – FSAA.  Marketing strategies cannot rely solely on traditional methods such as tradeshows, industry events and referrals, they need to tap into the power of digital transformation to ensure their business is competitive and thriving.


Clover Marketing offers digital marketing services such as social media, email marketing, web design, and marketing automation for food suppliers and manufacturers.


Through our partnership with Clover, we aim to introduce our members to a Premium Digital Marketing Solutions expert which can support them by increasing leads, boosting brand reputation or simply by creating a better sales and marketing automation system to help drive efficiency.


What’s in it for FSAA members?

Clover is offering two exclusive opportunities only to FSAA members

  • FREE strategy session worth $1,500
  • 50% off the first month when you subscribe to one of the monthly packages!

To take advantage of this offer click here.


For more information, contact:


Phone: + 61 3 8316 2408


Minnie Constan

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