Media Release: FSAA Announces Preferred Supplier Squizify

Take a squiz at Squizify

The FSAA continues to develop strategic partnerships that work to maximise our benefit to you as an organisation – but also that maximise benefit to your business. We know that when it comes to running a foodservice business, anything that makes your business run more smoothly not only saves you time, but money. In our ongoing efforts to align our members with businesses that do just that, we took a squiz at Squizify and are pretty sure that many of you might like to as well.

A new service member and preferred supplier to the FSAA and our members, Squizify’s whole reason for being is to help take the guesswork out of food safety. A digital food safety software system, Squizify works with food business owners and operators, large and small to improve all things to do with food safety, compliance and daily business operations.

Offering the right solution for any role, Squizify provides tools to make managers’ jobs easier, peace of mind for business owners that their business is food safe compliant and the assurance for corporate head offices that brand risk is minimised. No matter what your role, Squizify ensures that the data you need is in your hands to ensure improved accuracy, that key insights can be translated to training and development and that you have the ability to react to small issues before they become big problems.

Suitable for any foodservice environment, Squizify is the ideal food safety specialist for cafes, restaurants, aged care facilities, catering businesses, hotels, and even convenience stores and grocers. From temperature checking to product expiry dates and from cleaning tasks to maintenance records, Squizify exists to help businesses make better decisions whilst lowering brand risk and better protecting customers.

If food safety is part of your business, Squizify should be too.

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