Posting Food Is Here To Stay, says Australia Post

21st May 2021

Last April, the Australia Post expressed that they will continue to do food deliveries and ship perishable goods around Australia.

Aside from that, they will be exerting their efforts into supporting small business food producers in the spirit of collaboration along with Bruce Billson, the Ombudsman of Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise.

Although initially, they have released a statement about their decision of stopping food deliveries (for certain perishable goods) due to some regulatory and food safety requirements around territories and states, involving some complexities on the transportation of food for consumption.

At present, the Australia Post along with Bruce Billson has formed an industry working forum to:

  • Help resolve cross-state regulatory issues.
  • Strengthen the commitment and support of Australia Post towards countless producers who ship perishable goods around Australia.

Here are some other details about the forum you need to know about.

Generally, the forum will consist of representatives from different industries including producers and small business sectors. Different parties are set to gather to craft solutions on the complex regulatory requirements of moving goods within a delivery network.

The forum will also help their company understand the needs and capabilities of their customers, as they continue to work hand in hand with regulators to identify required changes to processes.

Roney Boys, the CEO of Acting Group l& MD from Australia Post expressed that building solutions for the complex regulatory requirements are vital as this will help the food industry work with regulators, industry bodies, and even customers more efficiently.

While they recognize that ceasing the transportation of perishable goods throughout their network has caused massive changes to small businesses, it is without a doubt that it has also helped eCommerce sales spike up during COVID-19.

Roney Boys also expressed how pleased he is considering that Bruce Billson has agreed to co-chair the forum along with Australia Post. Indeed, he believes that this will contribute to long-term successes and solutions within the huge growth of the eCommerce industry.

Without a doubt, the ombudsman and the Australia Post working hand in hand will make sure that the essential service of food deliveries is made available to small business food producers.


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