Subway Anytime Any Day!

2nd June 2021

The famous sandwich chain subway has just inaugurated its very first 24-hour pick-up service and is planning to launch it in their stores nationwide.

Subway began its pilot service of express pick-up. They started this initial effort in one of their restaurants at Bald Hills.

The best thing about this initiative of Subway is the fact that it gives its loyal customers more chances of placing their orders through the subway app, making it more convenient for them to make a transaction.

Subway has set their delivery provider to make it easier for everyone to request orders and have a dedicated express pick-up box.

Director of Subway, Geoff Cokerill, expressed in one of his media interviews that Subway takes pride in their bold initiative as this allows them to give a fresh approach to their customers. In today’s modern time, customers are starting to look and see things differently thus this effort has come in place at the right time.

With this new service, Subway can offer customers a convenient way of ordering 24/7, and having it delivered or personally picked up by them depending on their preference.

Subway has revealed that it does not plan to stop its efforts in their restaurant at Bald Hills alone as they are planning to roll this out in their other restaurants across Australia.

They are planning to begin with a couple of windows in each state for this year, and gradually add up to locations that have an increased demand for 24-hour dining. Subway has expressed that they plan to continue growing in the next years to come.

Geoff Cockerill has also stated that one of the reasons why they began this initiative is with the observation of how people have changed their eating habits over the past year, by opting to have a third-party delivery provider for express-pick-up orders.

Indeed, Subway is changing the game of dining experience as they offer more choices for those people who opt for late-night and early-morning orders. How convenient!


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