Tapping into China’s Urban Millennials and Gen Z

19th October 2020

Euromonitor International has released a white paper giving insight into how China’s Urban Millennials and Gen Z live and spend their money.

The research paper covers three areas which look at:

Ubiquitous Digital Convenience.  

Coined “digital convenience”, this generation relies heavily on smartphones and websites to manage their daily routines and seek shopping advice. Further welding their reliance on smartphones is the surge in M-Commerce which refers to payment transactions using a mobile device.  It is estimated this generation used smartphones to spend over USD1bn in 2019

Developing Shopping Preferences

Premiumisation is driving shopping preferences in the Urban Millennials and Gen Z consumer group. Growth in consumer expenditure in China’s high tier cities has far exceeded that in many developed countries, partly driven by consumers’ willingness to pay a significant premium for good quality consumer goods.

National pride also has an influence on consumer preferences.  The report states that 90% of Chinese have a positive perception of local brands and 76% increased their consumption of locally made products last year.

Modern Urban Life

Aside from the urban daily routine of work-life, purchase decisions are also being influenced by an increased focus on care for pets, children and entertainment. Pets, considered ‘family members’ are well looked after.  The pet care market is estimated to be worth USD24.5 bn by 2024.  Young parents are focused on natural care for their ‘human’ children.  Despite a declining birth rate, baby products in China are seeing strong retail value growth, due to increased penetration and price rises.  A rapid growth in single people is driving the demand for self-entertainment, which includes solo travel, clothes/footwear, education and new technology.

If you are interested in the Chinese market and want to learn more about this lucrative consumer, you can click here to download the paper.


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