The Top Restaurant Trends we will see in 2022 Series: #5 Venue Marketing Trends

7th July, 2022

 Venue Marketing Trends

In the quest to bring people back to dining in more often, restaurant owners need to look at new and creative ways to cut through.  Getting diners in, giving them a great experience so they are effectively giving them a reason to recommend them to someone else as well as returning again is the challenge.

We’ve suggested just some of the trends that restaurants could apply to be successful in their marketing activity that essentially gets customers through the door and coming back in 2022.

Loyalty  & Community Programmes

Customers are gradually returning back to dine in and for many it feels new and exciting. Rewards and incentives to dine in can be a great way to engage with customers and motivate regular occasions to eat out. Loyalty programs and exclusive rewards are also a great way for a restaurant to remain fresh in the mind of consumers, allowing for continuous engagement.

Venues are looking to suppliers to help them provide enticing and inspirational offers. We are already seeing many restaurant loyalty programs emerge with the most effective ones helping venues to do the marketing for them and also encourage value add offers rather than just the common discount approach.

Digital Advertising Platforms

Let’s face it Social Media is nothing new and venues know they need to be on it.  The thing to note is that it is no longer just Facebook and websites that are doing the trick.  Venues need to look at where their type of customer is hanging out when it comes to social media.  For example, TikTok has exploded in popularity recently, and many restaurants and cafe owners are working out how they can effectively get their brand in front of the new generations that are on this platform. Creating engaging videos of your restaurant’s menu, food preparation, and venue attracts the attention of young consumers and works towards your venue credibility too.

It will be no surprise that TikTok and other forms of video marketing is expected to be a major restaurant marketing trend in 2022.

Community & Environment

The topic of carbon footprint has been on the lips of many for years now.  With consumers now starting to demand that Restaurants and other businesses are demonstrating social responsibility, we are seeing venues working through just what it takes to behave this way. This is only going to become more and more of a topic and suppliers need to be ready to support venues in every aspect of their business.

We are seeing many venues taking action to explore options on how to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their negative impact on the environment which is great. Another part they are playing is looking to support communities and charities in their quest to meet the expectations of consumers.

As we look to the future, restaurants are expected to continue to engage in this way, supporting and giving back to local communities, and establishing themselves as community leaders.

Influence and Entertainment

Podcasts & blogs are a popular form of entertainment, with shows covering many different topics and food is a popular topic for many.

The massive popularity of podcasts and online publications provides an alternative for restaurants to connect with a broader audience and showcase their business on relevant shows.

Webcasts and Podcasts provide the perfect platform to deliver impact to their audience such as talking about their stories, staff and community activations. Many industries have been taking advantage of the wide reach of influential and entertaining advertising, and 2022 will be the year that restaurants join in on the trend.

That concludes our series: Top Restaurant Trends we will see in 2022

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